About Incisive


Incisive Training is a health and safety training organisation. We equip our clients with the knowledge, skills and confidence to create and maintain a safe environment – a safe environment for patients, employees, service users, and even loved ones. Wherever there is a duty of care – in professional or private settings – core health and safety knowledge makes a critical difference to wellbeing.


Preparing you for practice

The Incisive Training approach encourages interactive learning, hands-on practice and the sharing of individual experiences. Our aim is to provide a rich understanding of core concepts and their practical application in your day-to-day work. All of our trainers are well-informed and skilled at delivering course content and each is experienced within the health and social care sector. We offer clear, simple and accredited training that is always applied in practical ways, enabling staff to relate to real life situations, and equipping them to operate safely and effectively. 

Incisive Training is based in Hertfordshire and runs training sessions throughout the country.

Empowering through Clarity and Simplicity